Alshon Jeffery wants to bring the Kelly Green Eagles uniforms back

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery wants to bring the Kelly Green back to Philly.

Another day, another Philadelphia Eagles player wants to switch up the uniform style of the team. The Eagles have made some minor tweaks over the years to their uniform, but for the most part, the midnight green has stayed the same since it started back in the late 90s to early 2000s.

The Eagles made the switch around the time when they started turning a page in their franchise. And the uniforms were a big deal by the time the Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb era kicked off.

Although the midnight green jerseys are still awesome looking, everybody loves a good change. And nowadays, a pleasant change typically involves a throwback. While many Eagles fans and players would like to see the team in some new threads, they just really want to take it back to the earlier times when the Eagles were donning the Kelly Green uniforms.

Recently, former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski decided to switch his profile picture on Twitter, which turned out to be a photo of his playing days with the Birds. Of course, Jaws is rocking the old school Kelly Green uniform in the picture. Well, Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery liked what he saw, and decided to shoot his shot with the Eagles. So, Alshon replied to Jaws’ tweet, asking the Eagles if they could switch back to the Kelly Green uniforms from here on out.

Alshon wants a change

No reply yet from the Eagles. The team has apparently discussed the possibility of bringing back the old school gems, but no moves have been made over the years. Former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was big on the retro uniforms (probably because they were called “Kelly” Green, but whatever). Unfortunately, Kelly couldn’t get the Eagles to bring them back during the three-year stint that he was in Philly.

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Now, Alshon is giving it a try. We have to assume that somewhere down the line many Eagles players and fans will get their wish and see a new uniform soon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that day is coming anytime soon. So for now, the Eagles will continue rocking the midnight green uniforms. At least the midnight greens represent an era of tons of winning seasons, unlike the Kelly Green jerseys. So, at least there’s that.

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