Eagles’ Brandon Brooks hypes up Isaac Seumalo after his extension

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Brandon Brooks /

Eagles’ right guard Brandon Brooks decided to film Isaac Seumalo coming into the team’s facility on Tuesday after his brand new contract extension.

Man, those Philadelphia Eagles players are so humble. This offseason, Howie Roseman and the front office are back at it again taking care of their own. First, Howie and company decided to lock in the longtime defensive end, Brandon Graham for three more years. Then, they gave Jason Kelce another yearly extension almost as a thank you. And the young guard Isaac Seumalo felt some of the love as well as he was signed for three more years before his contract season had even begun.

Seumalo may not be the most popular guy on the Eagles offensive line, but he’s had his moments. Whether the Eagles made the right decision or not, well, that’s still up in the air. We would have to a full season’s worth of work from Seumalo before we judge the three-year extension that he’s been given. Regardless of the Eagles decision though, Seumalo’s teammates seem to be genuinely happy for the 25-year-old guard.

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As the Eagles offensive line is a close-knit group, they are always at the Nova Care Complex throughout the offseason working out together. So naturally, the camera phones were out in full effect within the Eagles locker room on Tuesday afternoon. And moments after the news that Lane Johnson restructured his contract, the newly extended Seumalo showed up to his locker.

Brandon Brooks hypes em’ up

Although Brandon Brooks is currently rehabbing his torn Achilles injury that he suffered in the divisional round of the playoffs, it doesn’t stop him from showing up to the team’s practice facility. And you know after the news that Seumalo got an extension, Brooks couldn’t miss the opportunity to get his teammate on camera to react to his newly inked deal.

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As cool as Seumalo’s accomplishment was, he played it off even cooler. Clearly, Seumalo is too humble to brag about his new money. So Brooks did the talking for him. Now, the Eagles bodyguard’s have to get back to work as they have a critical season coming up in 2019. Hopefully, Brooks has a speedy recovery, and Seumalo takes a significant jump in progression.