Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett wants a raise and doesn’t care who he gets it from

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett doesn’t seem to care who he plays for next year. No matter what though, he wants more money.

Well well well, this is a shocking turn of events. It seems as though Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett hasn’t liked what he has heard recently from the news wire. Just last week, the Eagles were in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine. While the main reason for being in Indy is to check out the future rookies coming in, a lot of trade talks tend to go down as well.

Apparently, the Eagles were open to shopping around their defensive end, Michael Bennett. Now, we know that nobody is off-limits on this team aside from maybe three or four players, but it was shocking to find out that their sack leader from last year was on the block. Why would the Eagles want to trade him away when the defensive line was clicking last year?

Well, as it turns out, it sounds like Michael Bennett wants a raise. Maybe he’s been asking for one behind the scenes, and the Eagles don’t want to give it to him. As Bennett joined Good Morning Football on Friday morning, Bennett addressed the trade rumors and made it clear that whatever team that he plays for in 2019, he wants to get paid more than he does now.

Should the Eagles give Bennett a raise?

Maybe Bennett took a look at the deal that his teammate Brandon Graham just inked. He ended up getting a three-year deal, worth $40 million. Last season, Graham had 31 tackles, four sacks, and a forced fumble. Bennett on the other hand, 25 tackles, nine sacks, and two forced fumbles. It was no secret that Bennett had more of a standout year, and now it sounds like he wants a raise.

As the Eagles are looking for ways to free up some cap space, offering a generous raise really isn’t in the plans. Bennett is on contract for 2019, and he’s set to make $6.2 million, with a cap hit of $7.2 million. With a cap hit that high, it would obviously be a nice amount to free up. Although it seemed likely the Eagles were going to keep Bennett on board, his recent demand of a raise may alter that decision. Now, we’ll see how the Eagles react.