Philadelphia Eagles officially bring Vinny Curry back


Add another reunion to the Philadelphia Eagles 2019 NFL Season.

The Philadelphia Eagles are turning the 2019 NFL Season into one big reunion, especially when it comes to players who were in Tampa Bay just a season ago. First, they traded for their former wide receiver DeSean Jackson last week. Now, the Eagles are officially bringing back their former defensive end, Vinny Curry, who spent last season with the Buccaneers.

Fortunately, Curry was in Philly to experience the Super Bowl run in 2017. Despite not having the highest numbers, Curry was still a critical piece to the Eagles success that season. The unfortunate part was that Curry was considered to be a bit overpaid. Hence the reason why the Eagles ended up making him a cap casualty in the offseason.

After being set free from the Eagles, Curry went and signed a multi-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Assuming that Curry was coming down south with a little bit of that Super Bowl magic, he failed to take over on the edge as a pass rusher on his own. As it turns out, Curry works much better in a situation where he’s a rotational piece and not a lone star.

Vinny Curry is officially back

Regardless of how you felt about Curry during his time in Philly, the Eagles made the right move here. Now that he is going to have a more reasonable price tag, Curry’s value may be just right. Back in 2017 Curry shared snaps with then-rookie, Derek Barnett and the two worked out pretty great together. But the difference this time around is that Barnett will most likely get the larger workload between the two after he clearly showed signs of progression during his Sophomore effort last season before getting injured.

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Is Curry an upgrade from Michael Bennett? Not exactly. But he’s an upgrade from what the Eagles currently have, that’s for sure. Before the re-signing, the Eagles were likely headed into the 2019 season banking on Barnett and Josh Sweat. Now, they have a proven veteran in Vinny Curry who knows the system, offers a few sacks, and helps out a lot in stopping the run. Good move, Howie.