Brandon Brooks on Carson Wentz: “What more can you ask of the man?”

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Brandon Brooks /

Philadelphia Eagles veteran right guard Brandon Brooks won’t tolerate any Carson Wentz slander this offseason.

This upcoming season is going to be interesting for the Philadelphia Eagles. For starters, they will be without their highly-prized backup quarterback, Nick Foles. As the team allowed Foles to walk off to Jacksonville to earn himself a starting job, the Eagles made it clear that Carson Wentz is the man moving forward. As expected, tons of fans and analysts said the Eagles were making a big mistake by keeping Wentz.

Ever since Nick Foles hoisted the Lombardi Trophy a little over a year ago, nothing would be the same in Philly. The recent memories of Carson Wentz’s extraordinary season in 2017 would be erased due to his torn ACL, and many lost hope in the former second-overall pick once he was ruled out for the rest of the year for a second consecutive season. Wentz’s injury history is harsh to look at; however, a majority of his critics seem to talk down on his actual skillset as well.

Did Nick Foles play better than Wentz in 2018? That was a legitimate debate going around the city of Philadelphia. As Foles played in seven games last season (postseason included), he threw for ten touchdowns and eight interceptions. Although his personal stats look quite average, the overall team record while he was in was an impressive 5-2.

Wentz, on the other hand, had a much better stat line than Foles, but the team’s overall record was an ugly 5-6. Take that as you will, but Eagles’ offensive guard Brandon Brooks will not tolerate any Wentz slander moving forward. Check out what Brooks had to say recently on 94WIP’s ‘Go Birds’ Pocast.

“What more can you ask of the man?”

The Eagles will forever appreciate Nick Foles with all he has accomplished. But the forgotten skillset of Carson Wentz could and should shock his doubters this upcoming season. While the teams overall record with Wentz looked bad, it’s nessescary to point out that the Eagles’ defense played significantly worse while Wentz was under center as they let up more points on average.

Not to mention, Wentz was dealing with a back injury that stemmed from his knee complications due to the ACL that he tore up less than a year ago before getting injured again. Brooks’ point in his soundclip was not saying “look out for Wentz next year.” It was more like “he did all that he could, what more do you want from him?” If 21 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and a career-high completion percentage 69.6 is a bad year, then the Eagles have the right guy under center.

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Yes, Wentz’s injury history is a concern. There’s no denying that. But he won’t be the first quarterback to be prematurely written off by the public before even hitting his peak, and he surely won’t be the last. 2018 was a rough year for Wentz as his offseason was spent rehabbing. 2019 will should be a different story as Wentz is expected to be ready for OTAs next month.