Philadelphia Eagles will face Nick Foles in the Preseason


The NFL has released the Preseason schedules, and as it turns out, the Philadelphia Eagles will face Nick Foles.

The weather is changing, and the NFL Draft is just about a few weeks away. Next thing you know, the Philadelphia Eagles will be back at the Nova Care Complex with helmets and jersey’s kicking off OTAs. We’re still a long way from training camp and the preseason, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason to not get excited for the upcoming activities in the next few months.

Although we know who the Eagles will face this year, the NFL has yet to release the official schedule. However, they did us all a favor and got out the preseason schedule as expected. While we were made aware that the Eagles would play the Baltimore Ravens at some point since there will be a join practice this year. We were not aware of the Eagles’ other three preseason opponents.

On Tuesday, the NFL released the official preseason schedule for the Eagles and man, is it interesting. For the second week of the exhibition season, the Eagles will face a familiar player as they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. And for the first time since his departure just last month, Nick Foles will be under center for the Jags playing against the Eagles.

Foles versus Wentz to go down in August

We knew that as soon as Foles signed with the Jaguars, we wouldn’t see him face the Eagles. Unfortunately, the Eagles do not have the Jaguars on schedule for the regular season. The only way we would be able to see Eagles versus Jaguars outside of the preseason is in the Super Bowl, which would be absolute madness. However, the NFL did us all a solid and scheduled some must-see television with Carson Wentz versus Nick Foles during week two of the preseason.

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Now, as always, we can’t put too much stock into a preseason game. The chances of both, Wentz and Foles getting a significant amount of time during that meaningless matchup will be pretty slim. We could probably expect a few series’ from both guys, and that’s it. Regardless of their playing time though, it will still be an interestingly bittersweet moment to see Foles rocking another teams’ colors once again. We’re happy for Foles, but hopefully, Wentz proves the doubters wrong that week.