Lane Johnson, Freddie Mitchell gang up on Donovan McNabb

BLOOMINGTON, MN - JANUARY 31: Lane Johnson /

Lane Johnson and Freddie Mitchell decided to gang up on former Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb via Twitter.

Carson Wentz might’ve lost a small portion of the locker room during the 2018 NFL season, but his right tackle is sure sticking with him. In case you missed it – former Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb decided to critique the Eagles’ current franchise quarterback by merely stating he has two years to prove he can stay healthy and get to the NFC Championship or else the Eagles should start looking to draft a new guy for the job.

Now, McNabb’s bar may be raised a little high, but in all reality he does have a point. Wentz is coming into the 2019 season with hopefully a full healthy offseason under his belt with a team that is talented enough to win a championship now. After dealing with two season-ending injuries in 2017 and 2018, Wentz’s health has become his biggest concern. If he can’t stay healthy for the full season in 2019, then the Eagles do have every right to question his future.

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Many don’t see McNabb’s comments as constructive criticism though. Instead, McNabb came out looking like a hater once again. We know that No. 5 hasn’t exactly warmed up to the Philadelphia fan base since the day he was drafted to the Birds,  so his comments coming off as jealous makes sense. The fan reaction was to be expected, but the response from McNabb’s former teammate and a current Eagles player was quite shocking on Sunday.

Lane reacts, and Freddie follows

A little over 24 hours since McNabb’s comments hit the web, Lane Johnson took to Twitter to call it how he sees it. So he mentioned the former quarterback with multiple snake emoji’s to call him out for obviously being a snake. Then, Lane followed by explaining to McNabb that the way he talks about the current state of the Eagles is the reason why he doesn’t get as much love as he would like when he returns to Philly.

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While Lane Johnson’s initial tweet was shocking, the response from Freddie Mitchell wasn’t all that surprising. McNabb’s former wideout responded by reminding everybody that McNabb is the reason why Mitchell never lived up to the first-round hype. Also, he’s happy that everybody is ‘seeing the real now.’ Clearly, McNabb doesn’t have the best relationship with his former organization and its fan base. It would be shocking to see No. 5 make a return anytime soon.