Alshon Jeffery has been hiding jerseys around Philly for young fans to find

Alshon Jeffery is getting young Philadelphia Eagles fans out of the house and searching for jerseys around the city.

Typically, when a professional athlete comes to Philadelphia, it’s almost like they are walking on eggshells for a bit. Nobody knows what to expect. With the way the national media has made Philly fans out to be, new players are sometimes hesitant about how they are going to be received in the city. However, there are a ton of players who come in and make their time worthwhile. Some guys come to town for a couple of years and make it feel like they have been here for decades.

While the process of athletes getting loved in Philly seems complicated, it’s actually quite simple. If you work hard and give it all you got, then the results will pay off. A player who does his job and does it well without any complaining or fear for taking accountability will set themselves up for a lifetime full of cheers from Philadelphia fans.

And if they happen to attend other Philadelphia sporting events and get involved with the community, then they could go down in this town as a legend. That’s just the way it works. Eagles’ wide receiver Alshon Jeffery is quickly becoming a Philly legend. As he frequently attends Philadelphia 76ers’ games donning an Allen Iverson jersey, Jeffery has fully embraced the city. Now he’s getting kids out of the house and having fun by searching for jerseys of his that he has decided to hide in an attempt to give back to the community in a creative way.

Alshon hosts a scavenger hunt for the kids

A few days ago when the NFL Draft was hours away from beginning, Alshon decided to make an announcement via Twitter. “It’s Draft Day! Just for this occasion I’ll be hiding 9 autographed kids jerseys around the city of Philadelphia between with clues of the locations between today and Saturday.” So far, Jeffery has sent out clues for jerseys that were hidden in Rittenhouse Square, and Love Park. On Saturday, he will announce his third and final location for the hunt.

The random act of kindness by the Eagles’ wideout has given Philadelphia just another reason to be a fan of Alshon. He’s only entering his third season as an Eagle, but he seems to have love for Philadelphia as if he’s been here for his entire career. It’s rare when athletes become this connected with a fan base, and hopefully, this is just a trend that keeps on growing.