Philadelphia Eagles talk: That Lane Johnson and Zach Brown beef, 2 years later


It’s all smiles around the Novacare Complex these days as Lane Johnson and Zach Brown publicly ended a feud that’s existed between them for a while.

New Philadelphia Eagles teammates Lane Johnson and Zach Brown have been going at it for a while. You know how ’65’ is. Where there’s trash talk, there’s Lane, but recently he and Philly’s prized acquisition at the linebacker position took a moment to put the past exactly where it should be, behind them.

Who knows? Maybe Brown can put his hand in the dirt a time or two or defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz can actually design a blitz with Brown charging in from Johnson’s side of the offensive line, and these two can sharpen their swords, so to speak, in practice.

Then again, who are we kidding? A blitz from Schwartz? Yeah right. Maybe there’s another way. Maybe these two great pros can hook up in an Oklahoma drill or something.

Anyway, here’s how the whole thing started. We hate to bring up bad memories, but does anyone remember Johnson’s ten-game suspension? The following season, Johnson, prior to one of Philly’s two annual games with the Washington Redskins, had this to say:

"Let me tell you what’s going to happen in a couple of weeks. This team is going to go down to D.C. and whup some (you know what) against the Redskins. We’re going to surprise some people."

Brown took to social media and went for the jugular.

It doesn’t seem like that would create an environment conducive to that ‘brotherly love’ that Philly is famous for, but these two great pros were preparing for a divisional matchup two seasons ago. The Eagles were on a quest to win their first Super Bowl, a quest they’d make good on.

Two years have gone by, and the Eagles, as you know, recently signed Brown, in part, to fill the void left by Jordan Hicks.

These are two passionate pros, and you’d like to think Philly would have never brought Brown in if there still would have been an issue. These two have, no doubt, shaken hands, and on Monday, ’65’ put the beef to rest publicly. Brown seems to like the idea. It didn’t take long for him to respond.

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Some of you may be too young to comment on this, but does anybody remember Nas and Jay-Z and that ‘Ether’ thing? Well, most of us weren’t close to that situation, but his must be what it felt like when they called a truce. Let’s go win some games now. The 2019 regular season will be here before you know it.