Philadelphia Eagles: Timmy Jernigan sends out a strange message

Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan doesn’t seem too thrilled to be back with his team, according to his Instagram.

Over the last year or so, Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan has been one of the biggest mysteries. During last year’s offseason, the veteran tackle got injured while he wasn’t on company time. How he actually got injured? We will never know. Apparently, Jernigan was working out and hurt his back, which forced him almost to miss the entire 2018 season.

The timing for Jernigan’s injury couldn’t have been any worse. The young defensive tackle had just signed a major extension that was keeping him in midnight green for years to come – but his unfortunate injury he suffered somewhere other than the Nova Care Complex left the team with a tough decision. Considering Jernigan’s large cap hit for 2018, the Eagles were close to releasing him.

We all know that didn’t end up happened… At least in 2018, it didn’t. As soon as the 2019 offseason began, the Eagles weren’t very hesitant to get rid of Jernigan. Unfortunately, his unexplained behind-the-scenes incident and his cap hit just didn’t leave the Eagles with an ideal scenario. So the Eagles cut him and allowed Jernigan to test the Free Agency market.

Jernigan is back… For now?

Recently, the Eagles signed Jernigan to a one-year deal for roughly $2 million. A significant discount in comparison to what he was getting paid before. It seemed like maybe Jernigan was eager to come back, but now it looks like Philly was his only option, and he’s not all that thrilled about it. On Friday afternoon, Jernigan sent out a message on his Instagram story, which was captured by WIP’s John Barchard.

“I would hate to pull a Telvin on these folks, I just want my respect.. Period.” For those unaware, Jernigan is likely mentioning Jacksonville Jaguars’ linebacker Telvin Smith, who decided to randomly take the year off from football. Not only did Smith take the year off, but word around is also that he didn’t even inform the team. Instead, he took to Instagram first to announce it. Could Jernigan be threatening a holdout? It sure sounds like it.