Philadelphia Eagles: Mack Hollins’ Injury is still a mystery


To those who are curious — Mack Hollins is still alive. However, he’s surprisingly still injured from last year’s offseason procedure.

The Philadelphia Eagles have stuck to their guns when it comes to their style of reporting injury updates to the media. For whatever reason, Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson doesn’t care to have a prompt, in-detailed response regarding injury updates nowadays. It all started last season when he grew fed up with the overload of Carson Wentz questions regarding his knee. And since that day, Pederson has been very vague with his details when it comes to injury reports.

Before Pederson began shying away from detailed reports though, he did announce some short details on third-year wide receiver Mack Hollins. Last year, Hollins underwent surgery during the offseason. Similar to others on the team, Hollins was dealing with a herniated disc. So he had to get it surgically repaired, which was going to cut into some of his offseason training time.

Hollins’ teammate and fellow draft classmate Derek Barnett dealt with the same type of procedure last year in the offseason as well. While they both went through a similar situation, the outcomes were mightily different. Barnett would end up back on the field by week one and getting some regular season reps before going down with a shoulder injury, which was not related. Hollins, on the other hand, never even saw the field in 2018, no thanks to the separate groin injury, which he suffered after his surgery and return to training camp.

The Mystery of Mack Hollins

On Tuesday, the Eagles started off their next phase of the offseason, which is OTAs. Although this portion is voluntary, most non-injured players tend to show up. Before the activities kicked off, Doug Pederson met with the media for a brief discussion. That’s when Pederson revealed that there are a few guys who are currently still rehabbing from their offseason injuries.

Naturally, Hollins name popped up, and that’s when Pederson announced that the third-year wideout is in fact, continuing with his rehab – one year later, with no further details issued. At this point, Hollins situation is clearly a lot worse than the Eagles are making it seem.

The jokes about Hollins being alive or not were laughable last season, but at this point, his status is getting concerning. Yes, Hollins is alive and still on the Eagles roster, but we’re not even the slightest bit sure of when he will actually get back onto the field for the Birds.

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Perhaps the drafting of JJ Arcega-Whiteside had a much deeper purpose than we initially anticipated? It’s all unclear as of now. One thing is for sure though, Hollins has a lot of catching up to do if and when he gets back this season.

We know his production as a special teamer is solid, but his abilities as a wide receiver at the NFL is nothing but a giant question mark as of now. As time continues on without Hollins present, the former fourth-round pick continues to fall behind. The Eagles will be okay without Hollins right now, but that draft pick is beginning to look wasted.