ESPN Analyst believes Carson Wentz will win MVP in 2019

Could the 2019 season be Carson Wentz’s biggest year since 2017? ESPN Analyst Louis Riddick believes so.

The pressure is on this upcoming season for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz. Despite the fact that he’s already been named the franchise quarterback for the next decade or so by the Eagles’ front office, it would be hard to say everybody is entirely confident in his ability to repeat his 2017 success.

Before going down with a sudden injury, which ended his season, Wentz was arguably the best player in football. With the bar raised so high from that year, Wentz disappointed many in 2018 when he didn’t quite reach those same heights. Not to mention, he suffered yet, another season-ending injury around the same time as the previous season.

At this point, we’re under the assumption that Wentz’s knee injury was the cause of his back injury from last year. And being that Wentz is now considered to be fully healed up and ready to practice without a brace on his knee, the Wentz hype is beginning to rise once again. And as Wentz does have many doubters out there, he’s also got a ton of supporters as well. One of them being ESPN Analyst, Louis Riddick who made a randomly bold prediction on Monday.

A bold prediction from Louis Riddick

“QB Carson Wentz will be the NFL MVP for the 2019 season.” That’s not a bad take from a highly respected voice in the sports world. Many will make jokes about Wentz’s inability to stay healthy, but the Eagles did everything they could to assure him he is going to remain protected in 2019. Not only did they upgrade of the better offensive lines in football, but they also acquired one of the better pass protectors out of the backfield in Jordan Howard.

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And on top of the protection, the Eagles also added some weapons. Along with Howard, Wentz will be handing off the ball to Miles Sanders. Plus, he’s got two new wide receivers in JJ Arcega-Whiteside and DeSean Jackson, along with one of the best tight end duos in the league. It won’t come easy for Wentz as he does have pressure on him from the spectators — however, the Eagles did all they could to keep Wentz at ease as he returns this season.

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