Doug Pederson, Jeffery Lurie address Carson Wentz extension for first time

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 08: Head coach Doug Pederson talks with quarterback Carson Wentz
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 08: Head coach Doug Pederson talks with quarterback Carson Wentz /

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie, along with head coach Doug Pederson were out golfing this weekend. But the relaxing trip didn’t take away time from expressing their thoughts on Carson Wentz.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ organization made one of their most significant moves of the past few years last week. On Thursday, Howie Roseman and the rest of the front office locked in a deal with Carson Wentz, officially making him the franchise quarterback for the future of the Eagles. We knew it was coming, but that was all just talk. Now, it’s official.

For at least the next six years, Carson Wentz will be under center for the Eagles. Not only did they invest $128 million into him — they made sure that $108 million of that money is guaranteed. As of right now, that’s the highest guaranteed money in the NFL. But with multiple young quarterbacks in search of their big break, there’s a good chance that $108 million in guaranteed cash gets exceeded within the next month or so.

On paper, the Eagles got a bit of a bargain. Had it not been for two season-ending injuries over the last two years, Wentz’s price tag would probably be much more valuable. But since the Eagles lost him for multiple games late in the year, Wentz seemingly got a bit of a discount. However, his discount is nothing to complain about. In this case, both the Eagles and Wentz are coming out of the negotiations happy, and the men in charge behind the scenes are thrilled.

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Doug Pederson speaks on the deal

"“It feels great. In this league, a lot of things revolve around your quarterback. And for us to be blessed to have obviously moved up the draft board to get Carson at the No. 2 spot a couple years ago, and now to extend him, it gives us stability on offense. It gives our organization stability and I’m excited about that.”"

Doug Pederson mentioned two years ago that he’s excited for the future with Wentz. Although Wentz had yet to sign any sort of long-term extension, Pederson envisioned a Bill Belichick-Tom Brady situation between Wentz and himself. That means over a decade of success. It won’t be easy, but it’s still possible. Pederson believes in Wentz, and now he doesn’t have to worry about the front office finding a replacement anytime soon. All Wentz has to do is stay healthy.

Jeffery Lurie is thrilled about locking in Wentz

"“We found a wonderful quarterback and person a few years ago. He’s everything you want in a franchise quarterback. To be able to plan ahead and know exactly that he’s going to be with us and build the roster in just the way we want to do it, it means everything. It allows you to make smart decisions. We always wanted a terrific quarterback and a terrific person and he embodies it in every way.”"

Jeffery Lurie is not only excited his front office was able to get an MVP caliber quarterback, but he’s also excited about having Wentz, who is a great person off the field in the picture for the long run. As we know, Wentz goes above and beyond in the offseason helping out his community and more. With his AO1 Foundation becoming a huge success over the last two years, the Eagles couldn’t be happier about having this guy within their organization

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