Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz officially signs his extension

Carson Wentz (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles have made it official with their quarterback, Carson Wentz. Now, he’s locked in for the next six seasons.

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is officially over. As of Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles officially have Carson Wentz in midnight green for at least the next six seasons. We all knew it was coming ever since the departure of Nick Foles, but it was unclear when the deal would get inked. Just this past Thursday, the Eagles wrapped up OTAs with a big surprise by sending the team out for a bowling trip. When they came back, everybody found out that Wentz got paid the big bucks.

Wentz, who wrapped up his third season in the NFL prematurely doesn’t have much to prove to his team anymore. Outside of his injury concerns, his coaching staff and front office believe that he’s a top-tier quarterback. Hence the reason why they are giving him over $120 million for four additional years, with most of it guaranteed. They could’ve waited to see how his fourth season played out, but seeing a healthy Wentz in OTAs was enough to convince the Eagles to get the deal done, according to their General Manager, Howie Roseman.

Many believe the Eagles got a bargain with the Wentz deal. Since he’s been injured in two of the last three seasons, it seems as though his value dropped a bit, which gave the Eagles a discounted price. Sure, they could’ve waited to see if he stays healthy for the 2019 year, but each game Wentz performs at a high level, the more the price tag rises.

Therefore, locking him in now with the discounted price seemed like the best idea. The Eagles did just that, and now there won’t be any regrets. Not by the organization, who knows they needed to lock their guy in long-term. And not by Wentz, who knew that he wanted to be here long-term.

Wentz and the Eagles make it official

“I don’t think the culture of this city could fit me any better. The passion of this city. I’m wired the same way,” Wentz said at his official press conference on Monday, following the signing of the brand new deal. Many expected Wentz to sign a record-breaking contract when his time was up, but that wasn’t precisely where Wentz’s focus was at when negotiation time came around.

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Instead, Wentz wanted a fair deal that not only takes care of him and his family but also helps out the Eagles as well. So while he barely surpassed the most guaranteed money in the NFL, he didn’t exactly come close to signing the major contract that many analysts believe that he would. That should leave some more cap space for the team in the future when they have to make upgrades.