Philadelphia Eagles DE Derek Barnett has a new workout plan

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett looks to be ‘diesel’ when the 2019 regular season begins.

It’s one of those things we don’t always discuss, but if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you’re hoping it happens. It’s year three of the Derek Barnett era in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’. There isn’t anyone who supports this team that isn’t hoping that this will be the year he channels his inner-Reggie White.

Okay, maybe it’s too early to make that type of comparison, but come on, Barnett did break White’s sack record while learning in the Tennessee football program. Until someone comes along to break the new mark set by Barnett, these two will be linked historically for that reason.

After going 14th-overall to ‘The Birds’, ’96’ joined a rotation that’s included, at one time or another, Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham, Chris Long, Michael Bennett and those small shoulder pads and, well, Vinny Curry.

21 career games has produced 37 total tackles (29 have been of the solo variety and 13 have resulted in a loss), a forced fumble, two fumble recoveries and, even, a touchdown. Bruce Smith‘s sack record will have to wait as Barnett’s got 7.5 on his career, but it seems Philly’s defensive line coach Phillip Daniels has an idea that may eventually get him there.

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He’s got ’96’ working on his lower body while we’re all waiting on that pectoral muscle he tore a season ago to return to one-hundred percent. shared a few clips of position coaches recently, and in that Daniels shared a few jewels. Here’s a quote:

He’s getting stronger. I mean leg. You can’t work upper body, you work lower body. He’s working that lower body right now and I think that’s the most important thing for a defensive linemen is your lower body. You don’t have to bench press a lot to get people off of you and that’s one thing that I knew coming in and how I was when I was young. If you got strong legs that can take you a long way. As long as you’re legs are strong in the squat area, you can bend, you’ll be fine.

Training camp is approaching. We’ll see how the pectoral muscle and Barnett’s new workout regimen has worked out by then. Stay tuned everybody.