The Philadelphia Eagles upset fans with training camp schedule announcement

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles’ training camp schedule is out now, and the changes about open practices have rubbed some fans the wrong way.

You can’t please everybody nowadays, and the Philadelphia Eagles are finding this out first hand. The situation is totally understandable, though. Back in 2013, the Eagles made a change to their approach to training camp. Before, Eagles fans could take a trip up to Lehigh Valley, where the Eagles would hold their practices. There, everything was open to the fan base. You could watch practice, meet players, and overall be a part of the entire experience.

Most NFL teams run their offseason that way, and the Eagles were no different. Nowadays, though, the Birds are more private. Ever since the Chip Kelly era, they began working at the Nova Care Complex, which is closed off to the public for the most part. Sure, there would be the occasional lucky visitors who would get one day’s worth of access to check out what’s going on, but that was just a tiny percentage of fans who were fortunate enough to get that.

The Eagles needed a solution — how could they get fans back involved with training camp? It’s simple, hold a few open practices at Lincoln Financial Field. After all, those fans who are starved for some football would fill the seats. Over the last few years, the Eagles had no issues with their open practices. In fact, it became a pretty popular event in the summer.

And although there were only two open practices, fans were excited to get down to South Philly and see their team for the first time since the winter. Unfortunately, the Eagles are now taking the already limited access to the team, and making it even more limited.

What’s the deal?

In case you were wondering, Eagles kick off training camp on July 24th. And this year, instead of holding two open practices, it has been announced that they are only going to have one open practice. As expected, fans are not too thrilled with the Eagles as of right now — especially since the event, which was one time free now comes with a cost.

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Granted, the Eagles did announce that all proceeds from the ten dollar ticket will go into Autism Research. But the idea still didn’t go over that well with the fan base. Nobody is angry about the cost per se, but the idea of paying for a single practice while most fan bases get free access to pretty much all of training camp for their team did not go over well in Philly. Will they make a change and add another open practice soon? Only time will tell. But as of right now, the Philadephia fan base is quite disappointed in their team.