Recent study labels Philadelphia Eagles fans as top three in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Recently, a statistical study has shown that the Philadelphia Eagles have a top three fan base in the NFL.

Another day, another power rankings type list hits the internet. Lately, the Philadelphia Eagles have been getting a ton of credit. From lists naming them the most talented team heading into the NFL, from analysts discussing how they have one of the hottest ‘stocks’ in the NFL. The love for the Eagles has been real, and it doesn’t all just stop there.

Recently, a professor at Emory University put together a study based on the activity of each NFL teams fan bases. According to USA Today, Professor Lewis used attendance data, total revenue, social media following, and road attendance to put together the list.

Now, the Eagles didn’t get the No. 1 spot — and the fan base surely won’t enjoy hearing who did. Apparently, the Dallas Cowboys are the number one fan base according to this model. Are we surprised? Not in the slightest. Sure, we like to poke fun at Dallas and claim there are many bandwagon fans, but obviously there’s no numerical model that can be created to identify just how many bandwagon fans there are.

Therefore, Dallas remains on top because they do well when it comes to attendance, social media, and sales.  Unfortunately, the Eagles weren’t number two either. Instead, it was the New England Patriots. Being that the Patriots have been the most successful team of this decade, it comes as no surprise that the fans in New England are showing up everywhere and buying merchandise.

Now, let’s talk Eagles

Finally, after the first two get checked off, in come the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, according to statistical data, the Eagles are the third-best fan base in football. Eagles fans buy jerseys. Eagles fans sell out Lincoln Financial Field on a weekly basis. And best of all, Eagles fans take over opposing teams’ stadiums. None of this is opinion, either — just all facts.

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So where do the other NFC East squads rank in this picture? Well, the New York Giants are right behind the Eagles listed as fourth. They have been through some tough times as of late, but it doesn’t look like their fans are ready to give up on their guys just yet. As for the Washington Redskins, they peaked just outside of the top ten at No. 11.