Philadelphia Eagles DT Fletcher Cox cracks NFL Top 100 Players list at 28


As expected, Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2019 list, but is he ranked high enough?

The players have spoken. Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is on the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players list of 2019, a listed constructed strictly by the votes of his peers.

’91’ cracked the list at number 28. That’s 41 spots up from where he was a year ago, but is he ranked high enough?

First, let’s take a second and look at the argument.

Clip courtesy of the NFL’s official YouTube channel

All of that makes you think about quite a few things. Is he the highest ranked member of the Eagles on the list? We’ve already seen Carson Wentz (96), Jason Kelce (72) and Zach Ertz (40). All are considered as being among the best at their position. We still believe that Wentz is ranked too low, but whatever. What are you going to do?

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Cox might be one of the best players on the Eagles roster, regardless of position.

Heck, Cox is one of the best players in the entire NFL. That’s not a knock at anyone else on the Eagles roster, but without even talking to any of them, it’s hard to believe that you’d find a ton of his teammates that would disagree.

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Jason Peters hasn’t been mentioned yet. Might he make an appearance? What about Lane Johnson or Malcolm Jenkins? Could they show up? Whether or not Cox will be the last Eagle we’ll see in the countdown remains to be seen.

Here’s one thing that we all can probably agree with. Aaron Donald and Cox are seen by just about everybody as the two best defensive tackles in professional football, and the general consensus is Donald edges out Cox slightly.

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With that being said, the staff at ITI has an announcement to make. We’re all aware that Donald will make an appearance on the list. Based on all of that, it’s hard to determine whether or not Cox is ranked too low or not, but put ITI on record.

If we see another defensive tackle on the list between Cox and Donald, we will demand a recount of the votes.