Philadelphia Eagles: Philly Special among 7 team moments in NFL’s Top 100


The ‘Philly Special’ lands as the tenth-best of the 100 greatest moments in NFL history, culminating seven plays by the Philadelphia Eagles that made the list.

Life hasn’t been too shabby for Philadelphia Eagles fans. Nowadays, when someone says ‘you guys never won a Super Bowl’, you can remind them of the 52nd. You can decide on your own if you remind them of those NFL Championships in 1948, 1949, and 1960, but we all know that capturing the Lombardi Trophy comes with a little different feel. Super Bowl LII housed so many amazing moments, but there’s one that no NFL fan will ever forget. You know the one we’re referencing. It’s the ‘Philly Special’.

Heck, you can even run that one yourself on Madden 20 now. It’s actually in the Eagles playbook.

In honor of the 100th NFL season, NFL Films compiled the 100 greatest moments in league history. Seven team moments made the list. None ranked higher than the greatest trick play ever. The ‘Philly Special’ lands as the tenth-best moment in NFL history.

Take a look.

‘The Philly Special’ has a statue that was crafted in its’ memory. Now, it has a place as one of the ten best moments in the first 100 years of our great country’s greatest game.

Here are the nine plays that topped it. They include ‘The Minneapolis Miracle’ (9), Bart Starr‘s quarterback sneak in the famed ‘Ice Bowl’ (8), James Harrison‘s interception and return for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII (7), and Santonio Holmes‘ game-winning touchdown catch in that same game (6). Okay, how many plays do the Steelers get in the top ten?

The top five are as follows: Malcolm Butler‘s game-clinching interception in Super Bowl XLIX (5), ‘The Music City Miracle’ (4), David Tyree‘s ‘helmet catch’ (3), ‘The Catch’ (2), and ‘The Immaculate Reception’.

Here are the six other Eagles team moments that made the top 100. You can see the full list here:

1. Steve Van Buren reaches the end zone to win the NFL Championship over the Chicago Cardinals (91).

2. Randall Cunningham bounces off of a tackle on Monday Night Football. (82)

3. ‘The Ultimate Weapon’ does it again as Cunningham eluded Bruce Smith in the Eagles’ end zone and heaved one down the field to Fred Barnett. He’d take it the distance for a 95-yard touchdown (72).

4. Chuck Bednarik knocks out Frank Gifford (44).

5. The second ‘Miracle at the Meadowlands’, DeSean Jackson‘s walk-off punt return touchdown, got the nod, though some who remember Brian Westbrook‘s punt return would say that Jackson’s ‘miracle’ was the third (36).

6. The original ‘Miracle at the Meadowlands’ lands at 23.

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Oh, and just in case you’re interested, the Eagles made the list on the wrong side of a highlight. That 107-yard interception and run by Ed Reed made the list at 63. How are those for some memories? There’s just one question. Where’s ‘4th and 26’?