Philadelphia Eagles rumors: Could Von Miller be a trade target?

Could Von Miller be a realistic option for the Philadelphia Eagles?

If you’ve grown weary of hearing all of the arguments on why the Philadelphia Eagles should or shouldn’t trade for Jalen Ramsey (as many fans have become), here’s something fresh. This one may even be a little more exciting for you. What if you found out there was some serious interest by the Eagles in trading for a former Super Bowl MVP? This isn’t just any Super Bowl MVP. This is one Von Miller.

Did you see how excited you just got there?

You should probably know something before you throw a party though. As of about 8:00 AM on the eve of the Eagles’ fifth game of the season, there’s no real evidence that this one will grow legs or that Eagles vice president and general manager Howie Roseman has even made a call.

Here’s what’s known. Denver Broncos GM John Elway raised eyebrows during the most recent offseason when it was learned that Denver may have had some interest in entertaining deals for Miller. Andrew Kulp of NBC Sports Philly reported that the NFL Network‘s own Daniel Jeremiah had expressed that he believed Roseman should at least make a call.

The one thing that may turn fans and the Eagles off is Miller is due over $17.5 million in both 2020 and 2021, and he just turned 30 back in March. That’s a death sentence for most of the NFL‘s talent, but Miller is a future Hall of Famer. With him on the roster, you’d have to believe the Eagles chances of a second Super Bowl victory increases.

Like the recent hype train that surrounded Ramsey and the one that surrounded Jadeveon Clowney before him, the one thing we can all confirm is any deal involving the Eagles bringing talent like the seven-time Pro Bowl nod to Philadelphia will be an expensive one. Still, for a team that’s had some difficulty in generating a consistent pass rush (an area most thought would be a strength), this one’s worth considering.