Philadelphia Eagles: Revisiting Joe Douglas draft choices, Was he a failure?

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – APRIL 27: Derek Barnett of Tennessee visits the SiriusXM NFL Radio talk show after being picked #14 overall by the Philadelphia Eagles during the first round of 2017 NFL Draft at Philadelphia Museum of Art on April 27, 2017, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Was Joe Douglas’ tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles a success or a failure? Let’s reexamine his drafts as Philly’s Vice President of Player Personnel.

Before he was the general manager of the New York Jets, the Philadelphia Eagles thought so highly of Joe Douglas that they plucked him from the Chicago Bears and made him their Vice President of Player Personnel. He was Chicago’s Director of College Scouting at the time.

Douglas was tasked with helping the Eagles build their draft board and finding the guys who would be a part of this team’s long-term success. Douglas helped Howie Roseman and the rest of Philly’s brass orchestrate the team’s drafts in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Now after seeing a nice sample size from the guys taken in his first draft and seven games from everyone taken in his most recent, its time to ask a very fair question. Was Douglas’ time in Philadelphia a success or a failure?

Don’t look now, but if you ask around, you might learn that the Philly media and the Eagles fan base is split on this one. Let’s take a quick look at every player taken in Douglas-supervised drafts and give each one a grade. This should be fun.

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