3 Ways to cope with being a Philadelphia Eagles fan

After terrible performances in consecutive weeks, being a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles has resulted in more anguish than elation.

So you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan and in need of some sort of silver lining to this mess? Well, you’ve come to the right place! There are several ways to cope with your favorite team’s failure to live up to the potential.

Let’s not waste any more time.

1. There’s a trade deadline to look forward to.

The Eagles have a plethora of problems on both sides of the ball, and it’s difficult to envision a single trade rectifying things, but doing so could potentially, fix one issue and improve other areas. Trading for a solid cornerback would obviously improve the pass defense and help the pass rush. Those two areas working together gives a struggling defensive line more time to pressure the opposing quarterback.

New additions are always exciting and help to alleviate the current feelings of disappointment. Howie Roseman is constantly looking to improve Philly’s roster, and no one should be surprised if he’s aggressive at the trade deadline.

2. Set realistic expectations.

Ok, so maybe a Super Bowl berth seems to be an unrealistic expectation. Believing that will only lead to more resentment. The reality is this. The Eagles aren’t a good team, but there is a positive takeaway here.

The Eagles’ schedule is loaded with tough games against the Buffalo Bills, Chicago BearsNew England Patriots, and Seattle Seahawks coming up. The good news is following this stretch ‘the Birds’ only face a single team with a win percentage above .500 as of right now, the Dallas Cowboys. The team’s record will look worse upfront but anticipate the back end of the season to even things out. An 8-8 record seems like a reasonable expectation at this point.

3. Embrace how bad your favorite team is.

Yes, the Eagles suck but that’s ok. Every team has its ups and downs, some even appear to stay in a chronic state of mediocrity. You’ve heard of the Cleveland Browns, right? Frustration makes future victories taste sweeter. You remember how you felt after Super Bowl LII, right?

Be happy in the good times, and look forward to the days where the Eagles are a competitive team again. This slump is just like everything else in life. It won’t last forever.

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Bonus: You can always watch other teams who are worse.

Watch Miami Dolphins games if you really need a pick me up. At least you’re not a fan of theirs. You can also think about teams like the Los Angeles Chargers or Minnesota Vikings. At least your team has won a Super Bowl.

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