Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro DT Fletcher Cox victim of domestic disturbance

We may have an explanation for Fletcher Cox’s absence at a recent Philadelphia Eagles practice. It appears he was the victim of a recent disturbance.

It’s been a rough season for Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. It began with nagging injuries in the offseason, but he managed to work his way onto the playing field when it was time for the games that count against the win-loss total. Unfortunately, the Eagles and their fans haven’t seen the Fletcher Cox that they know and love.

Seven games with seven starts have produced 17 total tackles (12 were solo and four have resulted in a loss). He has one sack, one forced fumble and two passes defended over that time as well. That’s decent if you’re n undrafted rookie, but if you’re discussing Cox, that qualifies as an off-year.

Last week, he was noticeably absent from a team practice due to an ‘illness’. Some speculated about what that could have been. Recently, we learned via ABC6 News in Philly, that, the day before, he was the victim of a domestic disturbance.

According to court reports, Corbyn Nyemah showed up at Cox’s home looking for an ex-girlfriend and attempted a break-in. Cox scared him off with a shotgun but not before Nyemah allegedly damaged her vehicle. The authorities were called and Nyemah was scared off. He’s since been charged with burglary, two counts of criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

Chad Pradelli, an investigative reporter. attempted to approach Nyemah for comment, and despite his refusal to appear on camera, Nyemah did state ‘most of what was detailed in court records was true’.

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Though this isn’t the first time Cox has had to deal with something like this (if you’ll remember a woman was also sued over an alleged affair with Philly’s star defensive tackle), let’s all hope this gets taken care of quickly. Whenever several lives are affected, the appropriate thing to do is hope that everything works out for all of the parties who are involved.