Philadelphia Eagles chose wrong time to reach out to Torrey Smith

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Wide receiver Torrey Smith
PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Wide receiver Torrey Smith /

The Philadelphia Eagles have made calls to Torrey Smith, but the former Super Bowl Champion is happily retired.

It’s official — the Philadelphia Eagles have reached desperation mode at the wide receiver position. After heading into the season with sky-high expectations, the brutal reality set in. The Eagles don’t, in fact, have one of the most talented pass-catching groups in the NFL.

Actually, the Eagles have one of the worst wide receiver corps in the NFL. Ever since DeSean Jackson went down during Week 2’s pregame warmups, the unit has put on some atrocious performances. Alshon Jeffery became the number one target with Jackson out, and he’s been quickly regressing.

The former first-round pick Nelson Agholor continues to underwhelm as he’s gifted more of a prominent role. Meanwhile, Mack Hollins and JJ Arcega-Whiteside have pretty much contributed next to nothing throughout the entire season, further proving that the Eagles need help at wideout.

Lately, they’ve been trying to search for reinforcements since Jackson is down and out for the year. Many believe Jordan Matthews will be back in no time, but he’s not the only former Eagle who received a call from the front office. As it turns out, Torrey Smith got the call as well.

Will Torrey Smith come out of retirement?

It’s hard for players to leave the game and retire. Hence the reason why a good chunk of players come crawling back when an opportunity presents itself. The Eagles were able to persuade Josh McCown to hold off on calling it quits during the offseason, so they must’ve figured they could get Torrey Smith to do the same as well.

It turns out, that didn’t happen. According to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark, the Eagles did reach out to Smith’s reps with an opportunity to potentially come back — but Smith wasn’t prepared to entertain the idea. Therefore, Smith made it clear he’s not unretiring.

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“I could play if I wanted to,” Smith wrote on Twitter following the rumors. “But I’ve been telling folks for weeks, including this week that I’m done. I appreciate the fact that folks would even want me to play for them. It’s an honor.”

Smith then went on to state that if this were Week 1, the scenario would be much different. But coming in halfway through the year after not playing since the summertime just isn’t ideal for the veteran. It was a good try by the Eagles, but it looks like they won’t get some of that 2017 action back on the field because Smith is serious.