Former Eagles DE Chris Long keeps it real discussing Carson Wentz


Philadelphia Eagles retired defensive end Chris Long was recently asked about Carson Wentz’s season at this point.

The Philadelphia Eagles no longer have defensive end Chris Long on their roster. Just because he isn’t playing for the team anymore doesn’t mean he quit paying attention to them, though. Typically, you can always find Long commenting on one of his former teams on Sundays. Whether his commentary is good or bad — the former pass rusher keeps it real.

This week, the situation is no different. On Sunday, not one, but two of Long’s former teams matched up with each other as the Eagles hosted the New England Patriots at The Linc for a Sunday night battle. By now, you should know the results were not pretty for the Birds.

For the first time in a few weeks, the Eagles fell short to their opponent, losing 17-10. Although they were in control of the game during the first half, the Eagles offense completely stalled out after gaining a ten-point lead, as they watched the Patriots put up 17 unanswered points.

As expected, everybody is picking on a player or a coach to blame. However, quarterback Carson Wentz might’ve picked up the most criticism out of all as he had a disappointing showing. Despite putting on a better performance than Tom Brady, Wentz did have some visible flaws on Sunday.

He ended up completing only 50-percent of his passes, which marks a season-low. Although Wentz was consistently struggling on Sunday, the entire loss wasn’t necessarily his fault. The coaches, receivers, and even the offensive line deserve some of the blame. As we know, though, the quarterback is the most talked about — for better or for worse.

How does Chris Long see it?

It all started when Chris Long offered his breakdown on Sunday night’s game. Two of his bullet points regarded both quarterbacks, mentioning that Wentz and Brady “struggled.” When a follower of Long’s asked if the former defensive end was “concerned about Wentz?” Long offered an honest response, which makes the most sense.

“He did not play well,” Long writes. “Worried that people are gonna drive him crazy, making him the scapegoat repeatedly.” Obviously, that comes with the territory of being an NFL quarterback. Wentz understands that, but with the ghost of Nick Foles somehow still looming in Philly, it puts Wentz in a very tough spot as he struggles.

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Long’s best point, however, comes at the end of his statement. “If he’s 7-3 right now, people aren’t freaking out about playing poorly against one of the best defenses of all time.” That couldn’t be more truthful.

Yes, Wentz has had his issues, but a lot of the Eagles’ losses are far from his fault, despite what his critics believe. Wentz hasn’t been consistent — but he’s made some game-winning throws. Unfortunately, his receivers haven’t helped him out. The quarterback can absolutely be better — but he’s far from the issue on this underperforming Eagles team.