Philadelphia Eagles fan creates campaign for Nelson Agholor’s release

The angst towards Nelson Agholor by the Philadelphia Eagles fan base has reached epic levels. Recently, one fan took it upon himself to start a campaign.

There’s dissatisfaction, and then, there’s full-blown all-out angst. For the typical Philadelphia Eagles fan, the attitude towards Nelson Agholor appears to be drifting towards the latter. You won’t believe what’s happened now.

An anonymous Eagles fan recently took the time to log into, start an account, and create a campaign urging fans to sign a petition that urges the Eagles organization to release him.

What’s even more interesting is, as of 9 a.m. EST on November 20th, he was less than 100 signatures away from his goal.

The up-and-down tenure of Agholor in Philly has seen everything. He was a surprise first-round selection by Chip Kelly back in 2015. He infuriated fans in what was basically his sophomore campaign, where we all saw everything from long touchdown catch and runs by Zach Ertz called back because Agholor couldn’t line up appropriately to dropped passes by Agholor himself.

In his third season, he turned it on, seemingly out of nowhere, and was a valuable piece in Philly’s championship push. To be honest, they wouldn’t have won the Lombardi Trophy without him, but as stated, that was his third season. In his fourth, he proved that he couldn’t be ‘the guy’ if his team needed him to be, and now, in his fifth, we’ve seen him morph back into the guy that let everyone down in 2016.

The awful play is back. The drops are back. Due to a need for healthy bodies on the field, Agholor won’t be released during the season, but once the Eagles are done playing, it’s over. What’s unfortunate for him is he isn’t going to be offered a job anyone else either. The tape is awful.

The 2019 version features a dropped pass that would have won the game in Atlanta, a dropped pass that would have helped tie the game versus the New England Patriots in Philly, and one very lackluster effort in Arlington, where he didn’t even try. Get one last look at Mr. Agholor Eagles fans. You’ll never see him on a football field again once ‘The Birds’ are done playing.