Philadelphia Eagles 10 best wins versus New York Giants

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It may be the most bitter rivalry in all of NFL football. Here are the ten greatest games ever played between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants.

Who doesn’t love those top ten countdowns that the NFL Network and NFL Films do? Over the years, they’ve done everything from the top ten worst big-name free-agent signings of all time to the top ten devastating departures. They’ve even done ‘the top ten things that we love about the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants rivalry, not to mention the top ten overall rivalries of all time. Does anybody want to take a guess at which one of those topped that list?

Over the years, ‘The Birds’ and ‘Big Blue’ have authored some of the most historic moments in NFL history. These two age-old rivals have been doing this since 1933. The tradition started long before any of us were born. It will go on long after we’ve passed on.

Each time, these two proud franchises lock horns, there are always fireworks, and the football fan in all of us thinks about the past games that led up to the most recent. It’s no different when both sides are struggling. Here are the ten greatest Eagles wins in the Giants and Eagles’ long history versus one another.

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