National media reacts to Philadelphia Eagles struggles

With the Philadelphia Eagles and Cowboys both struggling, all roads lead to a showdown at ‘The Linc’ for divisional superiority. Check out what the national media is saying.

‘It’s Carson Wentz‘s fault’! ‘No, it’s Doug Pederson‘s fault’! These days, that’s just about all the Philadelphia Eagles coverage that you get from the national media. Unfortunately, with a three-game losing streak, a coach who refuses to run the ball, and the most devastating loss being hung on the team by a group of Miami Dolphins who supposedly had nothing to play for (this was also the most points that were scored on Philly all season), arguing about whether to blame Wentz or Pederson might make for a less frustrating conversation.

Recently, ‘Screaming A’, sorry that’s actually Stephen A. Smith, Dan Orlovsky, and Max Kellerman tackled the ‘who’s to blame?’ thing Monday morning on ESPN’s Highly popular First Take.

Here’s how they see things.

Clip courtesy of ESPN’s official YouTube channel

It didn’t end there. The discussion continued to spill over to ESPN’s GET UP! the following morning and another episode of First Take on Tuesday. Take a look.

Clip courtesy of ESPN’s official YouTube channel

Clip courtesy of ESPN’s official YouTube channel

You do realize this is the majority of the Eagles news that you’re going to get from the national media until this team either starts to win or they’re completely mathematically eliminated from the postseason right? Then again, who are we kidding?

This was a team that got DeSean Jackson back in the offseason. People were actually calling this the deepest roster in the NFL and using words like ‘Super Bowl’. Then, there were injuries, but they got healthy. Expectations lead to criticism. They always have. They always will.

Unless this Eagles team makes another run in the postseason, a postseason that they have to qualify for first, you’re probably going to hear this for the remainder of the season, throughout the offseason and when the next NFL Draft kicks off in April. The 2019 regular season has been a colossal failure. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.