Philadelphia Eagles fan base is ranked too low in FanSided 250

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles earned a top-50 ranking on this year’s version of the FanSided 250, but in looking at who precedes them, Inside the Iggles demands a recount.

The Inside the Iggles family has nothing nut love for Fansided. How could we not? With over 300 sites in the network, fans of just about every sports team, television show, or musical genre has a place to fill their need for information. At ITI, the network’s home for exclusive Philadelphia Eagles content, our parent company keeps the lights on for many of us, so the love is there. That’s why we had to check out 2019’s FanSided 250.

The FanSided 250 is an annual list that ranks the hottest fandoms in the world. The ‘Birds’ made their entry at 50. Now, on the surface, it would seem that being ranked 50th and beating out rabid fan bases like The Walking Dead is cool. That isn’t a problem.

The problem is this. How are Eagles fans ranked lower than those of the New England Patriots (49), the Golden State Warriors (34), the Los Angeles Clippers (8), and perhaps the most fairweather fanbase in all of the professional sports, the Dallas Cowboys (17).

First of all, there isn’t one person that you know that claimed to be a Pats fan before Tom Brady and Bill Belichick showed up. Patriots fans are loyal to one thing, championships.

Brady is aging. the dynasty is dying, and you can already start to see New England’s support is evaporating. The Golden State Warriors fan base is the NBA equivalent of the Patriots fan base. Stop any Warriors fan that you know and ask them to name ten Warriors who weren’t a part of any championship team. Email us at ITI when you’re done!

The Los Angeles Clippers aren’t even the most popular team in the city that they play in.

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That brings us to that football-illiterate, fairweather, loud when they win, and silent when they don’t contingent that we call Cowboys fans. First of all, we haven’t even heard from them since about 3:30 p.m. EST on Thanksgiving.

Most of us can attest to the front-running nature of the supporters of the so-called ‘America’s Team’, a fan base that normally cheers for two teams, the Cowboys and whatever team gets hot when Dallas isn’t.

Meanwhile in Philly, ‘Birds’ fans waited 57 years in between championships. Veteran’s Stadium was packed. So was Lincoln Financial Field, every Sunday. Eagles fans have endured some rough moments and some tough stretches, but they showed up, game after game and year after year.

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That didn’t happen in Oakland. That doesn’t happen with the Clippers, and it sure as heck never happened in Foxborough! Did you hear Tom Brady get booed in Week 14? Did you see their fans filter out of Gillette Stadium? Do you actually think that their fan base can match the passion of Eagles fans when there aren’t any AFC Championship Games to show up for? Come on FanSided! We demand a recount!