Philadelphia Eagles: No fine for Jadeveon Clowney is ridiculous

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles should be furious at the NFL for their decision not to fine Jadeveon Clowney for the hit that knocked Carson Wentz out of last Sunday’s playoff game.

Just when it seemed like the cheap shot by Jadeveon Clowney on Carson Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks couldn’t get any more frustrating, it appears the star defender won’t even suffer any consequences for his actions.

When taking into consideration the play resulted in Wentz leaving the game with a head injury before the Eagles would go on to lose 17-9, there was already plenty of frustration over Clowney not even receiving a penalty for the play.

And after hearing that Clowney won’t even receive a fine for the dirty play, the frustration just did new levels for Philadelphia.

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First off, any play involving helmet-to-helmet like Clowney did to Wentz should resort in some sort of fine, especially when looking at all of the players who have previously received fines over the last few months for far less.

For years, the NFL has done everything in their power to make sure quarterbacks receive the proper protection, and sometimes even seem to get a little too cautious when looking at some of the questionable penalties.

But if this happens to be the case, how can they allow a hit like this from Clowney to be alright without even the slightest consequence?

One can only imagine how different the outcome of Sunday’s game would have been for Philadelphia if Wentz didn’t get knocked out of the game, but unfortunately there’s nothing the Eagles can do about it now.

To top it off, when seeing some of the comments made by Clowney after the game about Philadelphia fans being some of the worst in the league, this only adds even more fuel to the fire.

Take all of this into consideration with what Clowney did last year to Nick Foles, Eagles fans have every reason not to like Clowney at the moment.

Depending on where Clowney ends up for the 2020 season, maybe Philadelphia will get lucky to be in position for some revenge on the star defender.

After the results of the Wild Card Round, it’s safe to say the Eagles would love nothing more than another chance to face Clowney next season, with hopefully better results than last weekend.