Philadelphia Eagles: 10 draft picks to potentially replace Nelson Agholor

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If the Philadelphia Eagles decide to move on from Nelson Agholor this offseason, the 2020 NFL Draft will have plenty of potential replacements to choose from.

When it comes to some of the biggest offseason tasks for the Philadelphia Eagles, the decision whether to bring Nelson Agholor back for a sixth NFL season ranks near the top of the list.

But at least if the Eagles decide to let the former first-round pick hit free agency, there will be plenty of worthy replacements for Agholor to consider during the offseason, especially once the 2020 NFL Draft rolls around.

While Philadelphia will most likely look to free agency as well since there are plenty of great players expected to be available as well, the draft could be the perfect way for the offense to fill the void potentially left by Agholor if he is in fact on his way out.

Unfortunately, the Eagles can only give someone like Agholor so many opportunities to prove himself worthy of a roster spot before the time comes to move on.

Without question, Agholor played a major role in helping Philadelphia claim their first Super Bowl title in franchise history two years ago, but also this past season was the perfect example of how unreliable he can be.

Throughout his career, Agholor has been the kind of player that tends to perform better in a reduced role as the No. 3 option at wide receiver, and mostly struggles when the Eagles need him to step up at certain times.

Take a look at this past season for example when players like Alshon Jeffery or DeSean Jackson were dealing with injuries, putting Agholor in the perfect position to step up, only to disappoint for the most part.

In time, the Eagles will reveal their plans when it comes to Agholor, but if Philadelphia were in fact looking for candidates to consider in April’s draft, here are 10 wide receivers that immediately come to mind, most of which would be available after the first round.

Also, as great as it would be to see Philadelphia replace Agholor with CeeDee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy, keep in mind this would most likely require some sort of trade when viewing this list.

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