Philadelphia Eagles: Support letter to Andy Reid ahead of Super Bowl 54

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Super Bowl LIV sees Miami as a home base for the league finale in what is sure to be an intense battle featuring former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

For years, Philadelphia Eagles fans savored a love/hate relationship with Andy Reid. After taking the helm in 1999, Reid became one of the most recognizable faces of the organization.

Reid drafted a dual-threat quarterback in Donovan McNabb during the NFL Draft in 1999. Funny enough, the first nine games of that season saw backup Doug Pederson start for the Birds at quarterback, showing just how small of a world it can be sometimes.

The 2001 season quickly became the start of the best years in the Eagles franchise under Reid, as the team won its first NFC East division title and continued the trend for the next couple of seasons.

Ultimately, Philadelphia would pull off the best goal of all during the 2014 season by reaching the Super Bowl, which was an amazing experience after all the years coming up short in the NFC Championship.

Super Bowl XXXIX, oh man, was one for the books. Tied 14-14 at the end of the third quarter, the New England Patriots scored 10 unanswered points before Philly came within three.

After falling to the Patriots 24-21 in the big game, the next season was an uphill battle.

Unfortunately, Reid was forced to deal with complicated receivers like Terrell Owens, injuries to McNabb, and a handful of subpar seasons.

In 2008, there was the loss of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, a crucial part of the coaching staff.

Of course, there were highs too surrounding Reid,  mainly becoming the winningest coach in Eagles history and leading the team to more than half its playoff appearances.

To honor Reid, it only seems fitting to write the kind of love letter to the man who put the foundations in place so that in 2018, Eagles fans were fortunate enough to experience the greatest joy a football fan can feel.

And in case Eagles fans need a reminder, that joy was witnessing Philadelphia win their first Super Bowl under Pederson.

Dear Andy,

The show came to an end in 2012 after an abysmal 4-12 record, the worst of your coaching tenure. The chants of “Fire Andy Reid” for an angered fan base became a reality when Jeff Lurie didn’t renew your contract.

You were a part of the Philadelphia culture. There were interactions with fans, hanging out at local businesses and spending time in the community that consisted of14 years with the full support of the City of Brotherly Love behind you.

You’re no longer with us, but found a new home coaching the Kansas City Chiefs.

The culture you created in Philly through winning ways and organizational setup is a legacy left behind, still intact when Pederson took the helm.

You’re back in the Super Bowl and for us, we see this as your swan song. The long-standing history of Eagles coaches finding success after leaving is a bit of pattern.

We made it to our own Super Bowl with Pederson in 2018 after Chip Kelly failed to deliver. Former head coach Dick Vermeil left the team after the 1980 Super Bowl loss before finding success in St. Louis with the Rams in 1999. It’s a trend, really.

Winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy seems to be your destiny and fans aren’t the only ones who see it. You have an army of former players, including McNabb and kicker David Akers rallying behind you.

We’re happy for you Andy. It’s honest to goodness happiness that we know the love for you wasn’t always there. Some took your tenure for granted while others happily called for your firing in 2012.

We’re complicated group, we know. But deep down, you are always in our hearts.

Beating the San Francisco 49ers would be something that comes full-circle for you. It’s been 15 years since your last Super Bowl appearance. The near-misses, close calls, and heartbreaking losses might have made us bitter.

Believe me, WE wanted that, WE wanted to celebrate in the Gatorade bath with you.

Instead, we waited another few years for our own. You have weapons in Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce against a tough 49ers’ defense, and your time seems to be now.

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There might be a few who want you to fail and they’re bitter that our postseason journey ended.

But for most of us, the City of Brotherly Love is behind you, and for that we wish you the best of luck Andy come Sunday.