Philadelphia Eagles should consider trade for Darius Slay

Since the Philadelphia Eagles could use help at cornerback, the team should reach out to the Detroit Lions about a potential trade for Darius Slay.

Due to the results from last season between certain players dealing with injuries along with others failing to step up, there’s no question the Philadelphia Eagles will do their best to address the cornerback position this offseason, whether it’s through a trade, free agency or the draft.

If the Eagles do end up deciding to consider a trade, one player who could be worth keeping an eye on moving forward is Darius Slay of the Detroit Lions.

Despite spending the last seven years with the Lions that also consisted of three Pro Bowl honors in a row, it appears Detroit is willing to explore the possibility of trading Slay, based off a recent report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Just a few days after reports emerged about the possibility of Detroit dealing Matthew Stafford at some point this offseason as well, it looks like Slay has joined the conversation as well, making it seem like the Lions are more focused on rebuilding instead of bouncing back in 2020.

With Slay entering the final year of his contract, and due around $10 million in base salary, it’s easy to understand why Detroit would try to move on from the veteran cornerback now since there’s always the risk of losing him down the road in 2021 during free agency.

But also, a move like this on top of the recent talk surrounding Stafford makes it seem like the Lions realize they are more of a work in progress heading into 2020 instead of bouncing back as a top contender in the NFC, which will obviously frustrate part of the fan base.

At least for the Eagles, if the Lions are in fact willing to deal Slay this offseason, and wouldn’t be asking for too much in return, Philadelphia needs to strongly consider the possibility.

From his previous experience as a starter over the years with the Lions to the impressive man-to-man coverage skills he would bring to the table, there is plenty for Eagles fans to love about this scenario involving Slay.

Even if a potential deal would require Philadelphia to work out a new contract with Slay, this would still seem like a move that would be worth it in the long run given the team’s current situation at cornerback.

Time will tell when it comes to seeing whether the Eagles or another team end up pulling the trigger on a potential deal involving Slay, but even if Philadelphia misses out, there will still be plenty of other options to consider this offseason to help fill the need.

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