Philadelphia Eagles: 6 free agents still available to consider for 2020

Everson Griffen (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Everson Griffen (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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Robby Anderson
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2. Robby Anderson

For months, Robby Anderson has been quite the popular topic of conversation for the fan base in regards to whether the wideout would be a great fit in the passing game for the Eagles.

Due to all of the injuries suffered last season between key players such as Jeffery and Jackson, Philadelphia was basically relying on practice squad members towards the end of the regular season along with the playoffs.

Sure, the Eagles deserve plenty of credit for finding a way to make this work before losing right away in the playoffs, but there’s no way Philadelphia will be able to pull this off again in 2020 without extra help at wideout.

Anderson has yet to break more than 1,000 receiving yards in four seasons with the New York Jets, but also keep in mind that up until the previous two seasons with Sam Darnold, the Jets didn’t exactly have the best situation at quarterback.

If Anderson were to become part of the picture for Philadelphia’s offense, it’s safe to say he would immediately become one of Carson Wentz‘s favorite targets in the passing game.

But of course, money could become the one factor that comes into play here since the Eagles aren’t exactly in the best position to overpay for another wide receiver, even if Anderson seems worth it at the moment.