Don’t rule out a Nigel Bradham and Philadelphia Eagles reunion in 2020

Don’t rule out a return by Nigel Bradham to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2020. We’ve seen similar reunions on this team before.

Before the free-agency period even began, we knew this would be an offseason like no other in the Philadelphia Eagles organization and fan base, and it hasn’t disappointed. Think about something though. Often, ‘Birds’ fans have complained about the executive vice president and general manager Howie Roseman‘s inability to let go.

Inside, we all chuckled some when, in his postseason presser, he lamented that, at times, he gets attached to guys. Though it’s uncertain when he made that discovery, that was never earth-shattering news for Eagles fans. Guys tend to hang around the franchise too long these days.

Here’s what is certain. It’s kind of ironic that he decided to remedy this by allowing two of his more productive players on defense to walk. By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know what happened with Malcolm Jenkins, but if you missed everything while it was occurring, here’s something else. Jenkins wasn’t the first of Roseman’s dismissals.

The first major pink slip on defense was given to Nigel Bradham, the guy who’s relayed the signals on defense in Jim Schwartz‘s scheme whenever he’s been on the field, that is since Jordan Hicks left.

In 58 career games with Philly (and he started in every single one of them), Bradham racked up 348 total tackles. 229 were solo. Add that to five sacks, 22 pass breakups, two picks, three forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, and two defensive touchdowns. Sure, after returning from his injury in 2019, he seemed a step slower and didn’t tackle as well. Maybe the injury had something to do with that. Still, even with all of that being said, maybe Philly is moving on a year early as opposed to doing so a year late.

Despite this, when you look at available free agents at the linebacker position, Nigel Bradham’s name is still floating around out there. The 2020 NFL Draft approaches. No one knows how it will unfold, but if we haven’t learned anything else from Philly, we should all know this.

Bradham returning at a lower price tag is a very real possibility if he isn’t scooped up by another team. We’ve seen Philly bring guys back all of the time. Just look at Greg Ward, or Jordan Matthews, or Timmy Jernigan if you need an example.

Bradham has been working with Jim Schwartz seemingly forever. There’s no guarantee this Jatavis Brown signing is going to work. If you look at the film, he struggles with his tackling sometimes, and that’s something no ‘Birds’ fan wants to hear. Then again, Philly did sign him instead of re-signing Bradham.

Either way, you could make the argument that if Bradham walked back into the Novacare Complex right now, he’d still be the best linebacker on the roster. Don’t shut the book on him yet fans. You can best believe the Eagles organization hasn’t done so either.