Is Alshon Jeffery’s relationship with Eagles repairable?

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Alshon Jeffery of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

We’ve known that running him out of town won’t be easy, but what if he did stay? Can the Eagles’ repair their relationship with Alshon Jeffery?

Remember when Alshon Jeffery stated that he actually came to the “City of Brotherly Love” for an opportunity to play for the Philadelphia Eagles and with Carson Wentz? It seems like it was forever ago, but what’s transpired since would make for at least two made-for-television movies.

Jeffery’s been both the conquering hero and the villain in his own story. 2017 was full of highlights, a fingertip grab from Carson Wentz (11’s final touchdown toss in what would have been an MVP season). There was the bomb from Nick Foles in the NFC Championship Game as Foles eluded pressure and Jeffery shook a defender. That was topped two weeks later by another bomb, this one in Super Bowl LII as Jeffery made a gorgeous adjustment in the end zone.

Philly rewarded “17” with an extension, and during the following offseason, our respect for Jeffery grew as we all learned that he had played his first season in Philly with a torn rotator cuff.

His return to the playing field came after the 2018 season had already begun. He’d battle nicks and bruises all year, and though he showed some heroism, it was his misjudgment on a pass from Foles that ended Philly’s chances of advancing to a second-consecutive NFC Championship Game. Our hearts broke with his as we knew Foles’ final pass in an Eagles jersey would be an interception. We smiled as Foles picked him up from the turf. Love was in the air. 2019 was where everything turned.

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