Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly eyeing a trade to land CeeDee Lamb

How’s this for aggressive? The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly aggressively seeking to trade up in an attempt to land CeeDee Lamb.

You just can’t talk anyone out of it. Regardless of the evaluations (or over-evaluations in some cases) and regardless of how many times we’ll all hear the phrase “best player available”, the majority of the Philadelphia Eagles fan base is fixated on the idea of their team landing a wide receiver in the first round on the upcoming NFL Draft. Everyone was just under the impression that landing CeeDee Lamb was out of the question.

You see, on most of the 32 NFL teams’ draft boards, Lamb is seen as the best wide receiver in the upcoming selection meeting’s class of prospects outside of Jerry Jeudy. The same theory is also being tossed around by most scouts and draft experts.

Knowing that meant he’d be long gone by the time Philly would be on the clock at 21. That’s why you haven’t heard his name mentioned in conjunction with the “Birds”. That is until now.

According to a report by Joe Tordy of Penn Athletics, the host of The Joe Tordy Show which airs from Monday to Friday from 9 p.m. EST to 12 a.m. EST on Philly’s sports station 97.5 The Fanatic, the Eagles are aggressively seeking to trade up in the upcoming selection meeting in hopes that they’ll be able to find their way into a position to land Lamb. Here’s that quote in its entirety.

I’ve been told that the #Eagles are aggressively pursuing a trade-up in next Thursday’s #NFLDraft2020. CeeDee Lamb is the “apple of his eye” for Howie Roseman. Roseman is “absolutely in love” with Lamb. Hearing if that fails or top 4 WR are gone, PHI will be bailing out of 21.

Cue the “Howie Season” hashtags on social media. He’s been quiet for a while outside of a few signings and the trade that sent two draft selections to the Detroit Lions in exchange for Darius Slay‘s services, but it appears Philly’s vice president and general manager Howie Roseman is back to his old ways.

The Eagles currently own eight selections in next week’s draft. There hasn’t been any word on what this type of deal will cost Philly in either the exchange of players or draft capital, but after seeing Lamb catch 173 passes from Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Jalen Hurts during his 40-game run with the Oklahoma Sooners (and seeing him rack up 3,292 yards and 32 touchdowns in the process), this is an idea that should make a few Eagles fans and members of the media smile.

Trading up hasn’t been a popular topic of conversation, but if trading up means the Eagles could land Lamb, those feelings may change slightly. Stay tuned.