Philadelphia Eagles could benefit from signing Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Jadeveon Clowney, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Should the Philadelphia Eagles at least consider the possibility of signing Jadeveon Clowney?

As crazy as it may sound, one of the best ways for Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles to solidify a ‘win-now’ message to players and the fans could involve signing Jadeveon Clowney.

Roseman recently experienced a week of discontent from a majority of the Eagles fan base due to some of the selections from the 2020 NFL Draft, especially with the selections of Jalen Hurts and Jalen Reager.

Roseman’s lack of starting production in recent draft history, without question, contributed the ‘fire Howie now’ chants and rants that were on display following the first two nights of the draft.

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But since being a cap guru is one of Roseman’s real strengths, maybe there is hope of Philadelphia possibly putting together a fair deal for Clowney in the range of three or fours years to help benefit the defense

With the contracts of Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Graham presumably off the board in 2021, there is potential for a nice pool of money to lure Clowney with a lucrative salary for year two with the team

The third day of the draft also witnessed the Eagles adding youth and depth at numerous positions.

Additionally, the pool of undrafted free-agents may yield a couple of key backups and special team contributors on the defensive side of the football, but none of these players would be on the same level as Clowney.

With all of the new additions eventually earning four-year rookie contracts, Roseman has the capital to acquire a defensive force at pass-rushing end if the desire is there.

Sure, Clowney knocked out Carson Wentz from his only playoff appearance this past January, and his sack numbers have not been great, but he has proven to be a disruptive force that requires offenses to adjust their plans based on his presence.

Looking specifically at the offensive improvement of the biggest rivalry threat at the moment in the Dallas Cowboys, teaming Clowney with the likes of Fletcher Cox, Malik Jackson, and Javon Hargrave could results in the Eagles having a top defensive unit in the NFL.

Constant pressure on the likes of Dak Prescott effectively negates the skill-position player advantages of the Cowboys and other NFC rivals, which just adds to the list of why Philadelphia should at least consider the possibility of Clowney.

A Clowney signing by Philadelphia would reinvigorate the city in one of the most positive ways possible.

For the Eagles, such a defensive line in 2020 could resurrect memories of another scary front from back in the day that consisted of Jerome Brown, Clyde Simmons, and Reggie White.

Some fans would most likely be furious over the thought of signing Clowney if it were to happen, but if it helped Philadelphia win more games in 2020,  at least this would help Roseman silence some of the critics.