Philadelphia Eagles schedule 2020: Ranking easiest to hardest games

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Dallas Cowboys: Week 8 (Home), Week 16 (Away)

No matter what, the two meetings with the Dallas Cowboys are always going to rank near the top of the schedule for Eagles fans since this rivalry tends to be one of the best in the NFL.

In fact, when seeing how the last couple of seasons have played out, chances are that Philadelphia and Dallas will end up being two of the early favorites to finish on top of the NFC East during the 2020 season, that is unless New York or Washington ends up being surprise contenders.

As great as it was to watch the Eagles finish on top of the division last year for the second time in three years, the defending NFC East champions should also realize they caught a major break since there really was no excuse for the Cowboys to come up short.

With all of the injuries Philadelphia experienced to key players on both sides of the football, the division title should have been a lock for a talented team like Dallas, but at least this will provide plenty of motivation for the upcoming season.

Thanks to finally moving on from Jason Garrett to pave the way for Mike McCarthy along with adding another weapon for Dak Prescott to work with in CeeDee Lamb, this Cowboys team is going to be tough to defeat.