Philadelphia Eagles: Kudos for Jalen Reagor comes from reliable source

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People have bashed the Philadelphia Eagles’ selection of Jalen Reagor to the point where it’s gotten ridiculous, but recently, he was given a nice nod from a very reliable source.

Sometimes, you need to have a respected opinion to shine a little light on those that are less-informed. Sure, as long as social media exists, there will always be some people that think they’re experts on everything. Those are the people that believe they know more about what the media reports than the people who get paid to do so daily. Just take Philadelphia Eagles rookie wide receiver, Jalen Reagor, as an example.

You may not believe that he was a better pick up for Philadelphia Eagles than Justin Jefferson would have been, but come on. To say he played versus “subpar competition” and not say the same thing about CeeDee Lamb is ridiculous.

You do realize that both played in the Big 12, don’t you? They both played a lot of the same competition for the most part, but there’s a large contingent of sports fan that believes Reagor’s tape is unimpressive while Lamb pops off of the screen. No one plays defense in the Big 12 ladies and gentlemen. No one.

Then, there’s this. Here we are, approaching the middle of May, and Reagor’s been called everything short of a bust without even playing a down of professional football, and he’s even been referred to as “slow”.

Don’t laugh. Just look at social media. It’s gotten ridiculous, but there is hope for those looking for something worth reading. Recently, several ESPN experts took some time to discuss some of the draft’s biggest questions. One of their most respected voices, Matt Bowen, shared his opinion on what he believes to be some very realistic expectations for the 21st-overall selection’s first year in the ultra-competitive NFL. Take a look.

"Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jalen Reagor will lead all rookies in receiving yards. The first-round pick has the vertical stretchability to threaten down the field, but he will be a full-scheme player in coach Doug Pederson’s offense. That means quick-game throws, play-action, and run-pass option targets, and reps in the slot. Plus, Pederson will work to get Reagor loose on screens to utilize his explosive ability after the catch."

Now, while these are NFL experts speaking, it does have to be mentioned that these are all theories. No one can guarantee that Reagor will explode in Year 1. No one can say that he won’t either.

Even still, regardless of what side you’re on in the discussion, most would agree that Eagles fans are hoping for big things and big things are possible.

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We all have our theories. That will be a component that exists for as long as sports do, but here’s what we should be able to agree on. If someone who gets paid to cover sports for one of it’s biggest platforms believes that big things from Reagor in his rookie campaign are possible, that should be enough to convince you of the same thing. If not, you may be one of those people who like affirmation and not information.