Philadelphia Eagles: For DeSean Jackson, Lane Johnson no debate exists

DeSean Jackson #10, LeSean McCoy #25, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
DeSean Jackson #10, LeSean McCoy #25, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

How can a Philadelphia Eagles fan not tune in for Jackson and Johnson?

If you’re like most of the Philadelphia Eagles enthusiasts on social media, you’re probably starved for info on your favorite NFL squad, especially seeing as how there are no organized team activities to discuss. Most “Birds” fans have discovered podcasts, and if you have, that’s probably assisted with satisfying that hunger for all things related to this proud franchise. Heaven knows that there are certainly tons of them to choose from.

Unfortunately, keeping up with who’s posting what and when they’re doing so can be a bit of a challenge, one that some people aren’t interested in taking on, but there’s definitely something that you might want to keep tabs on.

Attention Philadelphia Eagles fans, your right tackle has got you covered.

It’s a pretty fair bet to say any conversation involving the names DeSean Jackson and Lane Johnson is enough to make any loyal Eagles fan tap the play button on any posting or story that they may share, and in the final days of May, fans were given that opportunity to hear from both thanks to a recent airing on Johnson’s Outside The Lane (which is becoming very popular).

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For the uninitiated, “65” has been going live on his Instagram account to interview some very interesting people. Popular people like Stone Cold Steve Austin to Lil Dicky have been a guest so far, but in his most recent foray into proving that he may be worthy of being offered a career in broadcasting once he’s done with football, “65” welcomed “10” as the guest.

These two talked about everything from dropping the ball at the one-yard line to how Jackson feels about the possibility of bringing LeSean McCoy home for one more run.

Both parties seemed to agree on that one as Johnson stated “You already know how I feel” and Jackson echoed his support for that idea with some pretty strong words.

Here’s a quote from the man Philly’s star right tackle calls “the best receiving deep threat of all-time”.

"If we were going off how we feel, there would have been a lot of [expletive] we would have already been seeing, right?"

After a certain coach who shall remain nameless made Johnson the fourth-overall selection of the 2013 NFL Draft, these three spent one year together in Philadelphia before Jackson was sent packing on March 28th of 2014 (and some false claims were made about his character). That same coach traded McCoy for something called Kiko Alonso right around 347 days later.

Over the past few seasons, there have been rumors of reacquiring both. Jackson returned on March 13th of 2019. There have been rampant rumors about the possibility of bringing “Shady” home as well. So far, that one’s a “no go”.

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Regardless, at least two of McCoy’s former teammates (and a considerable portion of the fanbase) are holding on to hope. It seems that we’ll have to wait and see what happens, but in the meantime, something has to be stated. Rumors of there being nothing to talk about have been massively overstated.