Philadelphia Eagles: 2 Reasons Williams won’t decide Week 4’s outcome

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Trent Williams #71 (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles renew acquaintances with a familiar face in 2020.

Call it crazy. Call it ridiculous to say this, but if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you’ve, no doubt, thought about it on more than one occasion. Sometimes, it feels like the Dallas Cowboys are given nine home games annually. Sometimes, it feels as though the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers have the advantage of enjoying a different salary cap than everyone else.

Okay, we all know none of that’s true, but on the first day of June, while our great country deals with a ton of mixed emotions, the sports fan in all of us looked for an escape and did what we could to think about something other than what the world was doing around us.

That led to a chain on events here at ITI, where we began discussing a deal for Dak Prescott. That led to a discussion about the other division rivals. That led to a discussion about Trent Williams sitting out in 2019 and how the Eagles will still have to face him in Week 4 as he’s now out of the division but on the Niners’ squad in the Bay Area.

Believe it or not, Williams’ addition to an impressive San Francisco roster and offensive line may have minimal effect on that game’s outcome. Here are two reasons why that’s the case.

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