Philadelphia Eagles news: Video of Goedert’s incident emerges

Video of Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert’s incident emerges.

In a world where members of the media spend hours attempting to craft words to create a nice and well-written story about the Philadelphia Eagles, sometimes, all people want to see is the hot take. Maybe that’s what the best rappers feel like when their lyrical masterpiece is ignored for someone who has a nice beat and a catchy hook. Either way, it doesn’t get much hotter than star players and fistfights.

Well, maybe the word “fistfight” doesn’t describe this one accurately. That would describe something that didn’t actually happen or imply that Dallas Goedert, now entering his third year of professional football, did something wrong.

On June 20th,’s Mike Kaye broke the news of an incident involving the Eagles tight end. “88” was apparently visiting the Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, South Dakota when a man who was unprovoked sucker-punched him. As a precaution, Goedert was taken to a local hospital and is doing fine.

As you might imagine, a video emerged. Take a look at this one. You won’t find any wrongdoing on Goedert’s part. Be forewarned, the footage is graphic.

Here’s what Philadelphia Eagles fans need to know.

Though it’s hard to tell whether that’s Goedert in the video or not, several reports from several sources have verified this to be the Zoo Bar, and we’re all aware, by now, that Goedert was, indeed, taken to a medical institution in the area.

According to ESPN staff writer Tim McManus, a suspect was arrested on Saturday in relation. Shortly after the incident, his teammates responded with a ton of support on social media. Goedert described himself as being “more embarrassed than hurt”, but even with all of that being said, the most important thing about all of that is this. This could have been a lot worse, and thankfully “88” is okay. Fingers are crossed everywhere that, for him, things get back to normal sooner rather than later.

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