Philadelphia Eagles fans will like Cowherd’s coaching ranking better

Philadelphia Eagles fans will like this coaching ranking better.

At times, Colin Cowherd is as close as any public enemy could be in the “City of Brotherly Love”. Once, he said that “teams would slogans don’t win Super Bowls” and that the Philadelphia Eagles would lose to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 because there’s a “Fly Eagles Fly” hashtag that’s been used by Philly fans and has been floating around the various social media sites for quite some time. Yes, that actually happened.

In fairness, however, there are times when Cowherd nails it (or at least makes sense), and after watching Doug Pederson get snubbed on a recent head coach ranking, it was nice to see him treated a little more fairly in one that was thought out a little bit better.

Okay, it wasn’t totally a snub. Coach Pederson found his way into the top ten of a recent CBS Sports NFL head coach power ranking, but he finished behind Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay, two guys who haven’t even won a Super Bowl and one coach he’s beaten twice in two tries. That being said, placing him ninth on any list, under those circumstances, feels like a snub.

Both fans and members of the media have expressed their outrage. Who would have thunk that it would be Colin Cowherd to sweep in with a much better take? On the first day of July, he dropped a list “Birds” fans should find to be a little more representative of the facts.

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Okay Philadelphia Eagles fans, try this one on for size.

Let’s get straight to it. Cowherd ranked the top ten coaches in football that he would hire if he bought a franchise, and the list wound up looking like this:

1. Kyle Shanahan, 2. Sean McDermott, 3. Doug Pederson, 4. Sean McVay, 5. John Harbaugh, 6. Matt Nagy, 7. Brian Flores, 8. Lincoln Riley, 9. Urban Meyer, 10. Mike Tomlin

That’s a little more like it. Sure, there’s still the thing about Pederson finishing second to Shanahan is still present, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’ve seen Shanahan get the best out of Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan, and now with a young and excellent team under his direction and with a very underrated Jimmy Garoppolo to tutor, Shanahan’s star could shine very brightly for a long time.