10 fastest Philadelphia Eagles players on their 2020 roster

Davion Taylor (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Davion Taylor (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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player. 54. . . . Adrian Killins Jr., running back. 4

One of the Philadelphia Eagles undrafted rookies finishes behind a legend, slightly.

Without even clicking on this list to read it, you had to know that Adrian Killins Jr. was on it. You can’t mention speed and the Eagles roster without bringing him up. You can’t mention Adrian Killins Jr. or talk about his game and not talk about how speedy he is.

Here’s something that you might find interesting. Darius Slay actually ran a faster 40 time than Killins if you compare what both did at their respective combines (a 4.36-second showing for Slay as opposed to 4.39 for Killins), but seeing as how 2020 will be the 29-year-old’s eighth season and Killins is only 22 years old, we’re assuming the undrafted rookie can beat the vet in a foot race. There would be no reason for Slay to hang his head if he lost.

3. player. 54. . . . DeSean Jackson, wide receiver

Everybody had the same question when the Eagles brought DeSean Jackson back to the nest in 2019, and this was that question. What if this isn’t the same “D-Jax” that we remember? Here’s the question that we all probably should have been asking. What if this is the same guy?

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During the third quarter of Week 1 last year, we all learned that “10” is still capable of running past anyone. Now, if these “Birds” can just extrapolate that performance over a 16-game season, we’ll all be in business. Let’s hope he’s got one more “run” in him (pun intended).