3 Philadelphia Eagles with most to gain following Marquise Goodwin decision

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Philadelphia Eagles

Marquise Goodwin (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Three Philadelphia Eagles’ roster chances just got a shot in the arm.

There haven’t been many pandemics that have had the effects on society, from a global perspective, that COVID-19 has had. Sure, there are other debilitating diseases that exist, but if you’re thinking about other infirmities that have had similar life-altering effects, anything else that has happened like this in our lifetimes can be counted on one hand. This has truly been a wake-up call and an eye-opener for not just NFL and Philadelphia Eagles fans, but for all of us.

Yet in still, life goes on, or at least, some semblance of normalcy. Even though one second of an NFL game hasn’t been played, we know that this will be a season like no other. All over the league, stars are opting out of playing. On July 28th, Marquise Goodwin elected to do so, and that’s understandable.

As a married man and as a new father, he has obligations that go beyond training camp, running routes, and providing Carson Wentz with another deep threat, but his absence in 2020 creates an opportunity. Actually, that and Alshon Jeffery‘s addition to Philly’s PUP (physically unable to perform) list creates two of them. Here are three “Birds” with the most to gain following Goodwin’s decision and Philly’s decision concerning Mr. Jeffery.

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