3 positions groups the Philadelphia Eagles must address in 2021 NFL draft

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Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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One offseason wasn’t enough to fix this Philadelphia Eagles’ roster

Despite the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles tried to add as much talent as possible this past offseason, there’s still a lot of work to do. Philly tried to fortify their defensive line, secondary and wide receiver unit with some sprinkles thrown in here and there at other positions like the linebacker unit. They did as much as they could with what they had, but it’s likely they’ll still want to reinforce or double down at other positions.

The waiver wire could serve as an option later. There are always diamonds on the rough, but their surest bet to improve will come next year via the draft, the reason being that unless they can aggressively alleviate that inflated cap number, they may not be able to be a factor during the 2021 free agency period.

The Eagles didn’t encounter many roadblocks in 2019 while re-signing their own players. Jalen Mills and Rodney McLeod signed extensions. They added Javon Hargrave and traded for Darius Slay. There weren’t many financial restraints on Howie Roseman during 2020’s offseason, but next year might be a different ball game. The “Birds” are currently expected to be $52.232 million over the cap in 2021. Roseman will need to work his magic, but this might be his steepest challenge yet.

To make matters worse, the NFL has tentatively set a 2021 salary cap floor of $175 million. It remains to be seen how the Eagles will get out of salary cap hell and work around a very reduced cap number. In the meantime, again, unless Howie can work his magic, it’s clear the “Birds” won’t have much money to spend next offseason, and any potential upgrades they make will have to be through the selection meeting. Here are three areas that they’ll need to attack. They’ll need to hit on as many picks as they can.