Top 5 one-year wonders of Doug Pederson’s Philadelphia Eagles era

Doug Pederson (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Doug Pederson (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Honorable mention: Josh McCown, QB. . player. 54. . .

One day, we’ll look back on Wentz’s greatness, and we may even mention Josh McCown’s single season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Who would have thunk when the Eagles drafted Clayton Thorson out of Northwestern with the 167th-overall selection (that’s the fifth round for anyone keeping tabs on things) that we’d be talking about how fortunate we were as fans to meet a 40-year-old journeyman quarterback that played the backup position? Well, that’s exactly what happened during the 2019-2020 season.

Most of us will never know what it’s like to sit in a team meeting or stand in a huddle with ten other alpha males. Josh McCown has done that often, on 12 different rosters to be exact (and one of them was the Hartford Colonials). 21 completions on 29 passing attempts are pretty much the extent of McCown’s time in Philly, but he made his mark on the “City of Brotherly Love” in other ways.

If you ever feel as though you’re curious about his contribution to 2019’s Philadelphia Eagles, look no further than episode seven of the fifth season of Amazon’s All or Nothing. McCown was quite the tutor and cheerleader for Carson Wentz. Maybe one day when “11” looks back on his career, he’ll do so with some fond memories of the man that was his backup in Year 4.