Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Kelce says Jason Peters is making him better

Jason Kelce, Jason Peters (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jason Kelce, Jason Peters (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles center is loving playing next to the new right guard.

Some guys are just different. Even in what can sometimes be a self-absorbed and ego-driven world like professional sports, there are guys who can still take over when they walk into a room. Kobe Bryant was like that. He once gave the 2017-2018 Philadelphia Eagles a pep talk prior to Super Bowl LII, and now a mural bearing his likeness graces the walls at the NovaCare Complex.

This current crop of ‘Birds’ carries a few legends as well. One is trying to make the transition from left tackle to right guard. He’s affectionately known as ‘The Bodyguard’, future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Jason Peters.

Looking at J.P.’s impact on the Philadelphia Eagles.

In a recent sit-down with the media, Eagles offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland spent some time talking about the superhero persona he carries and how some of his younger teammates feel ‘he can do anything’. A little less than two weeks later, his teammate of the past nine seasons, Jason Kelce, is saying the same thing. Here’s some of what was said by the author of the greatest speech in the history of victory parades during a recent talk with the Philly media, a man who quietly may have also constructed an NFL resume that’s Hall-of-Fame worthy.

"I do not know where you are going to find that wealth of knowledge, experience, leadership, and ability to play the game. I was hoping we were going to bring him back regardless of what happened to Brandon Brooks. The fact that he is playing right guard for us, and still on the team to bring the experience and leadership that he has, along with being the great teammate he is, I think that I speak for everybody that we are really excited to see how this move goes."

Kelce, a three-time First-team All-Pro (2017-2019) and a three-time Pro Bowl nod (2014, 2016, 2019) thinks playing next to ‘The Bodyguard’ will actually make him better than he already is. No Eagles fan will complain if that happens. Here’s more.

"It is definitely going to make me better in some ways. Obviously, he has so much experience and so much knowledge from playing the game. We are talking more than we ever have to try and iron out all these details. This is a great learning experience for both of us, and I’m going to try and impart as much wisdom as I have the playing center."

Peters will be playing in his twelfth season in an Eagles jersey in 2020 while sandwiched between two team legends, Kelce and Lane Johnson. The latter returned from the Reserve-COVID-19 list on August 11th. The right side of Philly’s offensive line is, without question, the best in all of football. An argument can be made for sending all three to Canton, and emotionally, Peters has given this Eagles team a lift just by returning to the NovaCare Complex.

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Some NFL legends are just seen differently, even when they’re surrounded by other guys who are talented. Think about it. You may never see Tom Brady or Peyton Manning wear each others’ jerseys to a press conference, but you can best believe that both own a pair of Jordans. You see, M.J. was so great that he made stars in other sports bear witness to his greatness (Serena Williams, Roy Jones, Carmelo Anthony, and Tiger Woods). Peters has a bit of that quality as well. Let’s hope his presence lifts his team to greatness in 2020.