Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Reasons John Hightower could start over Jalen Reagor

John Hightower (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
John Hightower (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Could John Hightower leapfrog Reagor on the Philadelphia Eagles depth chart?

One, for the rest of his NFL career and life, will carry the phrase ‘first-round selection’ whenever his name is mentioned. The other is a third-day draftee of the Philadelphia Eagles who, about a month ago, looked like his ceiling was a spot on the team’s practice squad.

During the most recent NFL Draft, Philadelphia attempted to quench their thirst for speed and some much-needed help at the wide receiver position by adding three wideouts who as Carson Wentz put it can ‘go’.

Philly, after the Dallas Cowboys took CeeDee Lamb at 17, surprised much of the general public by selecting Jalen Reagor over the man many believed to be the fourth-best wide receiver on the board, Justin Jefferson. This after the Las Vegas Raiders took Henry Ruggs at 12 and the Denver Broncos took Jerry Jeudy at 15.

By now, if you’re one of those people that were opposed to Reagor’s addition, hopefully, you’ve calmed down, hopefully. You may have also figured out by now that those late-round guys, John Hightower and Quez Watkins, are pretty good too. The questions now are about whether or not one or the other or both of them sneak onto the Eagles’ 53-man roster, if Hightower has the leg up on Watkins, and, believe it or not, whether or not Hightower can earn more playing time than the first-rounder. It isn’t likely, but here are three reasons why it could happen.